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  • Innovation Starts With Us Sookmyung Network For an Open World
  • SNOW started with the consideration for a user friendly application of the rapidly growing intellectual content. As more and more high quality educational content Becomes available online for free at a rapid pace, We searched for the key factors on why Korean students had difficulties Making use of this content.
    First, the barrier of language making them far from accessible Second, the trouble of finding proper content among the immensely scattered material Third, the lack of guidelines to find and to utilize the content Now, we march to overcome these difficulties with sharing knowledge.
  • SNOW launched its service to share world class educational content online for more people across the world.
    We set our goal Helping our users surpass the language barrier Allowing them to study their research interests At their own pace To find with ease the lectures of world class scholars Providing a convenient channel of communication among users.
    We are trying to Guide SMU’s students to access and utilize global academic information actively, Support SMU’s professors in applying our Content in their lectures dynamically, Improve the ability and expectations of both students and professors from their new experiences.
    Ultimately, we will be the flagship site in the arena of global learning, By changing the intellectual culture of SM
    U, Becoming a model to follow in the future for Universities across the world
  • SNOW motivates our users to contribute directly in the progress itself to guarantee its sustainability and to pursue an ecological system of which outcomes are restored to society.
    Through this ‘direct share movement’, it will positively affect a wide range of beneficiaries within the fields of Women, Education, Technology.
    We are delivering positive inspiration and influence to them in many new ways.
    • The most frequent your SNOW use would be ‘click and view’ among various video lectures which are on our unique inter­face. Experience following useful tools for your self-learning;
      “Play and Read”: You can view video lecture without any par­ticular player or Active X. Simultaneously, with playing lecture, you can refer and read Korean and English script for each lecture.
      “Talk and Share”: Under play window, you can leave your own question, idea and review for your own study with lecture. Then your posted ‘lecture talk’ will be shared with other users and be able to create brand-new idea through users’ discussion.
    • SNOW Wiki System for “Cooperative-Transla­tion” and “Cooperative-Learning”
      1“New, creative wiki” for SNOW: amazingly learning-friendly interface; SNOW Wiki. Using SNOW wiki, users can participate to post lecture materials and transcripts for each lectures.
      2“Visualize cooperative work”: upload your own Korean scripts translated by yourselves. After then, other enormous users can add or keep on your translation working as wiki tasks goes on ever. This creative multi-posting will gradually complete the Ko­rean script on SNOW.
      3“browse what friends did; History tool”: Open ‘history’ win­dow for checking applied transcripts ongoing cooperative work­ing. Participate into this translation cooperation by adding your own or reviewing, revising other’s works.
      Since users now are living in incredibly ubiquitous lifestyle, SNOW develops many ways to enjoy global contents with mobile devices.
      SNOW on iPhone Application (BETA v.1)
      SNOW on iPad (BETA v.1)
      SNOW on Google Android OS smart phone Application (BETA v.1)
      SNOW on iTunes Podcast: (
      With tremendous change of people with vigorous joining into SNS nowadays, SNOW runs many of these SNS and with these incredibly brilliant tools, SNOW communicates with our users.
      SNOW on Twitter
  • SNOW is open space for our creative users.
    SNOW is open platform for everyone who wants to share and gain great education content.
    Users can share any types of video content with educational worth in a handy way and can participate as a volunteer by provid­ing English/Korean scripts for other users.
    Moreover, users can communicate with others with various interests and backgrounds by managing their own “knowl­edge club”, a community for various fields.
    Ultimately, SNOW is on your hand to create.
    Call+82 2 -2077 –7312
    Location206, SaeHimHall (former New MyungshinBuilding),
    Department of SNOW 2.0 development